Pre-Frosh Feature: Adrian Simon and His Musical Endeavors

Wesleyan University certainly prides itself on its thriving music scene and we here at Wesleying hope that is at least one reason why Adrian Simon ’15–an 18-year-old musician and soon-to-be graduate of Riverdale’s Fieldston School–applied ED I (and got in!) to Wesleyan.

Adrian is perhaps best known, at least in the greater tri-state area, for performing “vocals / guitars / various keyboards” with the popular student band The Ivy League.  The irony all but kills us.  (The group also includes Alexander Beer, Dan Hockstein, and Drew Abramowitz–two high school seniors and a college sophomore respectively.)

The Ivy League’s eponymous album (its second and final one) is dropping on the intertubes today and is available to download for free here.  More after the jump!

When asked via Facebook message to approve a Wesleying feature on the band’s newest effort, Adrian wrote: “The Ivy League is not really my main concentration right now.  I’ve actually started a band with a friend of mine from Yale [Richard Miron ’12] called ‘The Willow & The Builder.'” The group’s Tumblr shows some interesting and funny behind-the-scenes footage and their debut album is expected to drop (another free download) before the end of February. And we’d of course be fools not to post it once it arrives.

Check out Adrian’s other musical endeavors at the following links:

In the meantime, be there any other pre-frosh who are doing cool and crazy shit in (or out of) their respective college-preparatory facilities, please let us know at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org, and we’ll make sure to turn the Wes community onto it.  It’s not even two months before WesFest and we’re already damn psyched to have you guys.

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