Screening of “Farewell To My Country”

On February 1, 2011, Director Andrzej Krakowski will present his 2002 documentary “Farewell to My Country”.  In 1968, following student demonstrations, Poland expelled the last remaining Jews from what once was the largest Jewish settlement in the world, effectively ending over a thousand years’ history.  The few that were left behind had to blend into Polish society without the ability or will to preserve any religious, ethnic, cultural or national Jewish identity.

“Farewell To My Country”  is one of the first open voices addressing the history and memory of these events. It tells the story of many who were discriminated against, persecuted and eventually forced to flee; it is the story of the silent elimination of the remaining Jewish community by the communist regime.  Using rare and never-before-seen footage, the film intimately reveals the experience  of emigrants by way of the communists’ state-sponsored persecution.

Andrzej Krakowski is a Professor of Film Studies at City College New York.

When: Tuesday February 1st at 8PM

Where: Film Studies 190 (Powell Family Cinema)

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