WesComplaints: That Was Quick

Earlier today A-Batte posted about a new sensation over at Smith College: namely, complaining on the internet, nicely consolidated by Smithies’ Complaints.

That post went up at 10:08 AM. Within an hour and a half of A-B‘s posting, an anonymous individual calling hirself “wescomplaints” dropped the following comment:

wescomplaints.tumblr.com now open for business

And so it is! The internet is a goddamn marvel of modern science. Check it out here. (Personal fave: “Nobody appreciated my experimental music final, because I did it alone in my room.”)

When you’re mad as hell but too lazy to write a Wespeak and too classy for the ACB, submit to WesComplaints. The site already has nine complaints and counting (I see double digits on the horizon!), and Smith’d (Smith’s equivalent to Wesleying, which they call “Wesleyan University’s equivalent to Smith’d,” even though Smith’d was founded in 2010, which gets me all huffy and puffy for no reason at all, though I’m not sure if it would qualify as a Wes Complaint or a Smithie Complaint) has already beaten us on posting the link.

[Photo unrelated, except I apparently find snow aesthetically pleasing and like taking pictures of it, whereas you might consider it appropriate fodder for WesComplaints.]

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One thought on “WesComplaints: That Was Quick

  1. johnwesley

    Apparently, they think of themselves as “fellow NESCACers”, too. Does that make us the Eighth Sister?

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