Call to Action: Queer Youth Assaulted At Javapalooza in Middletown

Queer Liberation Front recently received message from the mother of a gay 18-year-old in Middletown, CT. In late December, her son was physically and verbally assaulted at a local coffee shop by the owner and kicked out of the establishment.

We’re doing a direct action on Sunday January 30th @ 12PM where a group of at least 20 queers and allies will go into Javapalooza with rainbow flags, queer shirts, etc and all immediately buy coffee. We’d proceed to have a “teach-in”, a kind of ”know your rights” discussion, and at the end present the owner with a letter signed by all of us, demanding a public apology and a show of good will towards the queer/LGBT community. We are also contacting local bloggers and media for this event, using that to put pressure on the police to further investigate these allegations.

More information can be found here.

Date: Sunday, January 30th
Time: Noon 12PM
Place: Javapolooza Cafe at 330 Main Street
Facebook Event: Click here

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5 thoughts on “Call to Action: Queer Youth Assaulted At Javapalooza in Middletown

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know what you’re so worried about, Jonathan. Even if this guy did say and do those things, the plan is not to go down to Java with torches – it’s to go down there with rainbows and talk about human rights. Now maybe you’re concerned about people boycotting but if this guy is halfway decent/intelligent he’ll put up some rainbows of his own, give out some free coffee, and try to contribute positively to the discussion.

  2. Anonymous

    Was gonna start writing my own rant, but then Spindel said it for me. You gotta factcheck before you start marchin’

  3. Jonathan Spindel

    After reading the undergroundrainbow’s take on the issue… it really sounds like someone has beef with Neil (the owner). There was certainly an altercation, but accusing Neil of saying “dick-sucking faggot” doesn’t sound like solid testimony. Beside, it seems like the kid and his friends are regular loiterers, and the owner finally had enough of them. The important facts of the case, the physical and verbal assault, are simply too vague. This call to action stinks of a disgruntled family’s mission to exact vengeance on this man. This issue is going into dangerous territory.

    PEOPLE OF WES, if you decide to be part of this protest, make your choice. But please, think for yourselves. Is this a good way to represent the queer faction? Is this a good way to represent Wes? Make sure the facts are solid first.

    Personally, I am going to try to go down to Java and have a word with Neil. I know the guy, I’ve been going to Java forever. Sometimes Neil can be rough, I understand that, but this call to action just stinks. It stinks of slander and libel. I am going to go and see for myself. Please, fellow students, before you join the bandwagon, do the same.

    Since I am signing my real name I want to be clear: I am not against this action at all, per se. Of course if it turns out all this shit is really true, I will obviously adjust my relationship with Javapalooza. Until then… vigilant skepticism.

    1. anonymous

      I didn’t witness this particular event, but I have witnessed him doing similar things (including calling a customer a “faggot” for basically no reason). I am also good friends with the victim in question and I absolutely believe his story.

      Take my word for it or not, but the story is definitely true and the protest is definitely going to happen. Hopefully peacefully and civilly. I’m sure Neil’s reaction will be enough of a statement about what kind of person he really is.

  4. anonymous

    Damn is this for sure? There is clear evidence that all this happened? I really like the owner of Javapalooza… he is a sweet guy, and it seems like such a hippie spot. I am really shocked and saddened by this. Go teach em!

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