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Here at Wellesleyan, we have a design-your-own-major option. It’s called the University Major. It’s really cool, and also really demanding, according to people who have undertaken to create one. It’s how students major in The Internet, or “history of psychological theory,” or The Beatles.

At Liverpool Hope University, way across the pond, turns out students can do just that. Major in The Beatles, that is.  The new Masters program—entitled “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society”—graduated its first student today. She’s the first person in the world to hold an MA in The Beatles:

A former Miss Canada finalist has become the first graduate of a Liverpool university’s groundmaking degree program based on analyzing the Beatles’ music and their impact on Western culture.

Liverpool Hope University officials believe the master’s program offers the first advanced degree based on the life and times of the Fab Four.

Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy joined the program when it started in 2009 and graduated Wednesday. She is one of 12 full-time students of the program — “The Beatles, Popular Music and Society.”

This, of course, begs the dreaded question, familiar to any liberal arts student: what are you planning to do with that? But it’s okay, because Zahalan-Kennedy can just put on her resume that she’s the first person in the world to graduate with a masters degree in The Beatles and easily get a job doing . . . whatever the hell  it is that people do with masters degrees in The Beatles.

[Also: note my corresponding image choice. This blog post will be worth millions someday.]


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