MA Gov Advertises Wes to ’27 Prefrosh

If you were the governor of Massachusetts and a bunch of third graders asked you what your favorite book was, what would you say?  I’d actually start rambling about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – best book ever – but I’m not the governor of Massachusetts and I haven’t been in a third grade class in six years.  Anyway, here’s what the real governor said:

“I like a bunch of different books. Have you ever read any Mark Twain?” Again, like the John Legend response, blank stares. “He was a famous novelist and essayist who lived a long time ago, not too far from here,” the governor said, shifting to more of a teacher mode. “He grew up in the South and wrote about growing up on the Mississippi River. I love the way he writes.

“I also like to read history, biographies mostly, and there is a writer named William Manchester who used to teach at Wesleyan University and he wrote some amazing biographies including about a guy named Winston Churchill which I really like.”

Usually when I hear people adopting the “some guy” attitude, it means so much more.  Just sayin’.  If you’re dying to know, the next question was about his favorite food (all food).

Disclaimer: Math isn’t my strong point right now, so third graders may or may not be the eventual class of ’27.

[Thanks to Marianna Foos for the tip] [WBUR]

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