Pre-Frosh Feature: Anders Dohlman, Technical Director and Set Designer

Wesleyan’s Second Stage is a completely student-run theater group on campus that puts on several shows per semester. These shows are directed, staffed, acted, and often even written by Wesleyan students.

Anders Dohlman ’15 is involved with a similar project in his hometown of Chapel Hill, NC. He is a member of the completely student-run theater company One Song Productions, which puts up five shows a year. This is pretty damn impressive, especially given that the theater’s board of seven directors consists entirely of high school students from high schools in the Durham-Chapel Hill area. Anders was on the board for the 2009-2010 season, and is on it again for the 2010-2011 season.

Similar to Second Stage, all of One Song’s shows are produced, directed, staged, and cast entirely by students in the area. Anders has been a set designer and technical director for the past year or so, and has worked on the shows Alice! in Wonderland, Wait Until Dark and Hamlet, from which a photo is shown above. This year, they have already put on Laughter on the 23rd Floor, will be putting on The February 48 next month, A Midsummer Night’s Dream in March, Communicating Doors in May, and a fifth show to be announced this summer.

Photos from One Song’s shows can be viewed on the company’s official website here. Kept alive by donations and grant proposals submitted by students, it’s quite impressive that One Song has thrived so much since its inception in 2002. It’s equally impressive that one of Wesleyan’s future students has had such an important role in putting on these shows and running the organization.

Again, if any of you enthusiastic pre-frosh reading this blog have awesome things that you are doing and want to make your future schoolmates feel like they squandered their high school years, feel free to shoot us an email at staff(at)wesleying(dot)edu. We’d love to hear about your exciting accomplishments so that we can set unrealistic expectations for your performance when you get here this fall!

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6 thoughts on “Pre-Frosh Feature: Anders Dohlman, Technical Director and Set Designer

  1. KillBill

    It may not be obvious, but people at Wesleyan are actually quite nice, and Second Stage is a lot of fun. Welcome.

  2. Word

    This is indeed stupid, I dont care what pre-frosh did that was special, unless it was actually special.

  3. guest

    Word. I don’t go on Wesleying to hear about what prefrosh are doing. It’s JANUARY. We can hear about the stuff they’re doing when they actually start going here.

  4. Guest

    This whole pre-frosh spotlight thing is stupid. Unless a pre-frosh makes a fucking hot air balloon by hand and circumnavigates the globe in it, I really don’t give a shit what pre-frosh are doing.

    Every pre-frosh does some amazing thing, that is why they get into Wesleyan. Are we going to have a post about every single pre-frosh? This is stupid. I read these posts and I feel like I’m reading the hook on someone’s application.

  5. anon

    I’m all for posting cool things prefrosh are doing, but this is not interesting. lots of schools have student run theater programs.
    rule of thumb: if someone’s doing it at wesleyan, i don’t care about hearing about high schoolers doing it.

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