Wanna be cool? Wanna be, like, JARED LETO COOL??? Start a band, Wesleyan, and become the next big Das Racist.  You know where super awesome people Bear Hands got their start? Awesomefest.* You’re only three power chords and a pale chick drummer who might be your sister or wife away from screaming fans and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Dylan Bostick ’13 wants to help your fledgling Management become an omnipresent/omnipotent MGMT.


The annual Eclectic-held music festival returns to Wesleyan on February 25th!

The premise of Awesomefest is simple: Bands/Rappers/Pop Stars who have never before played a show will compete by playing 2 or 3 songs (about 10-15 minutes worth of music) to win a straight ca$h fucking prize! Or, in the case that you win second place, a fucking pizza! Anyone can play! So pull those keytars and kazoos at of your asses and form some god-damned bands!

If you’re interested in playing, please email me (Dylan Bostick) at dbostick(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by February 11th.  Let me know your band’s name, set-up and description.

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One thought on “Awesomefest AWESOMEFEST

  1. Oina

    except you won’t actually get the money if you win, and you won’t get the pizza if you come in second place. still a fun show though.

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