Sunday Procrastination: Today in History….

It’s Sunday. The weekend is over. Time to sober up and get on that reading you’ve put off since noon on Friday. But today, January 30th, some really cool stuff has happened in history.

Did you know that on January 30th…

…1806, the first Lower Trenton bridge opened for Delaware River crossings? You probably know this bridge as the “Trenton Makes, The World Takes” Bridge. The sign wasn’t put up until 1935.

Some more hip historical happenings after the jump.

…1862, the first ironclad ship the U.S.S. Monitor was launched. Its largest historical contribution was to inspire a very cool concept album from New Jersey band Titus Andronicus. You may have heard of them?

…1969, the Beatles performed their last public concert on the roof of Apple Records in London. The concert was broken up by the police. (Say what you will about P-Safe—they’ve never broken up a Beatles concert.)

Well, enough procrastination, time to get back to work. Maybe you should too?

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Procrastination: Today in History….

  1. Ja10606619

    i was wondering if i can get Trenton Bridge Photo copy to promote my hotel attraction since we are just a mile aways from Trenton …. please advice

    1. Ayn Rand

      Because this is Wesleying, not a newspaper.People come here for (1) event listings, (2) procrastination, (3) random history (usually Wesleyan related). If you want to know about Egypt, there are thousands of news sites that have information.

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