American students get the heck out of Egypt

As you may or may not know (and by golly I hope that you do), something big’s afoot in Egypt.

Following an explosion of protests in the Arab World (which Wikipedia now has a nifty all-encompassing entry on), the people of Egypt have taken to the streets since last Tuesday in search of political revolution – leaving a significant amount of damage and instability in their wake. Since then, students with Middlebury College’s program in Alexandria have been evacuated to the airport and are currently awaiting the next flight back to the States, according to the Brown Daily Herald. Kids studying with the American University in Cairo have also been evacuated.

Details after the jump.

The unrest that has been playing out for almost a week now has seen a close to complete communications blackout in the major Arabic state. As has been reported in other more credible news authorities, Internet availability has been squeezed out to near non-existence, and a brief look into whatever little connectivity there remains reveals that social network sites like Facebook and Twitter have been blocked out.

As of this date it appears that landlines have been partly restored, allowing students to establish limited contact with their parents and home institutions in the US.

Evacuation was not the first impulse, however. As the Brown Daily Herald notes,

Middlebury did not immediately decide to evacuate the students (in Alexandria). On Friday, Middlebury released a statement saying Saturday’s classes were cancelled with the potential to resume the following week. But when Saturday came, Middlebury announced the evacuation. The safety protocol is carried out by the school sponsoring the program, wrote Kendall Brostuen, director of international programs at Brown and associate dean of the College, in an e-mail to The Herald. He added that Brown has been in close contact with both Middlebury and the families of the students in Egypt.

News regarding students over at the American University of Cairo appears somewhat scattered for now, with multiple universities issuing individual official statements that their respective students have been evacuated from the area (including Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, and Tulane University).

As for Wes-kids, the Office of International Studies (OIS) list confirms that we currently have no students over there at official capacity.

The Brown Daily Herald article can be found here.

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