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Those of you frantically browsing lately for internship listings may have noticed Kennedy Odede ’12‘s picture (above) lurking in the homepage slideshow. The image links to a call for applications for the Dell Social Innovation Competition, which Odede and fellow team members Ari Tolman ’10, Leah Lucid ’10, Sammy McGowan, Emily Studer, and Sarah Marder-Eppstein won last year for work with the Shining Hope Community Center:

Shining Hope for Communities links tuition-free school for girls to accessible, income-generating social services for all to combat gender inequality in places of extreme poverty. In their innovative model, girls’ schools become portals through which attitudes toward women change as community members associate essential health and economic services with an institution dedicated to girls’ education. The Shining Hope Community Center will engage community participants through its seven multi-faceted Income-Generating Service Initiatives that use innovative technology to address the most severe local deficits in health care, sanitation, food security, and computer/literacy training.

More on Odede’s extraordinary accomplishments here, there, and everywhere.

[tip via Christian McLaren ’13]

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3 thoughts on “Shining Hope Featured on Idealist

  1. Proud grad '10

    Hey can we share the love a little bit? Ari Tolman (in the above pic) and Leah Lucid are both ’10 grads, and part of the big Wesleyan team driving this project.

    1. A-Batte

      Highlighted their names — we’ll be having a very long talk with the automated posting algorithm that wrote this soon.

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