Talent Needed For A Classic American Drama

Are you a talented actor with an old soul? Second Stage’s production of 12 Angry Men is seeking an actor to fill the final role open in the production, that of elderly Juror Nine. This character is a gentle soul who has nearly reached the end of their life and is glad of a chance to rest. They are nonetheless very sharp mentally and have a strong moral compass. They wish that they were twenty years younger so that they could directly stand up for what they believe in, but instead they watch and occasionally speak up in support of the side they favor (casting one crucial vote early in the process). 70s-80s, MAY BE PLAYED BY A MAN OR WOMAN.

12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose is one of the classics of American cinema and theatre. Twelve jurors from all walks of life enter the jury room to decide the guilt or innocence one nineteen-year-old boy accused of knifing his father. Eleven are prepared to vote guilty and send the boy to die; one dissents.

The production dates for this show are March 24-26. Interested persons should contact Nick Orvis ’13, norvis(at)wesleyan.

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