Grilled cheesus anyone?You probably already know who Dave is.  He’s the one who makes Usdan lunch bearable.  He’s the one who makes it worth it to wait on that long line that spirals all the way down to the meeting rooms on the first floor just to get inside the Marketplace.  He’s the one whose station you hover around like a savage.  That’s right, he’s the grill guy!  The one who makes the grilled cheeses!

He’s worked here for 28 years – back in the days of MoCon and Aramark.  Here’s what he said in an interview with the Middletown Patch:

“I do test my grilled cheese once in a while, but I’m on a diet so I need to be careful what I eat.  Best thing about working at Wesleyan is the people I work with and the students. If you ever have a tough day, the kids say something to pick you up.  Even just a nice hello is really nice.

He goes on to talk about the transition to Bon Appetit and what he learned from his grandparents.  I’m not going to quote any more since the original post is so short anyway,  but you can read it by clicking here.

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