Teach For America: Friday

Teach For America’s final application deadline for this year is Friday.  I have wanted to take a chunk of time to blog more in depth, but for the moment I need to settle for this:

If you see no flaws in Teach For America , talk to someone who can help you.  If you don’t know who to talk to, try Professor Anu Sharma.

If you think critically, reflect on your own participation in cultural narratives, and see problems and complexities as well as strengths in what an organization like Teach For America does, I want you at the helm of this movement. TFA is in a powerful position right now. If you are thoughtful, then you can positively impact the world in more than a few ways by being and shaping this organization. If you are thoughtful, that is, and also willing to work your ****ing tail off, and interested in committing to a low-income community for at least two years.


Shit’s complex. Don’t abandon ship, grab the wheel.

-Noa (Wes ’10, TFA ’10)

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