Film Series: “Enter the Void”

2010. France. Dir: Gaspar Noé. With Paz de la Huerta. 161 min.

A drug dealer’s death kicks off a hypnotic, disembodied trip through past and future, life and afterlife, all bathed in Tokyo’s pulsating neon glow. This entrancing, unsettling, and entirely original experience demands to be seen on the big screen – it’ll swallow you whole. Warning: may be hazardous to those who are medicated or or prone to seizures.

DATE: Tonight, February 4
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema

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2 thoughts on “Film Series: “Enter the Void”

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  2. Zach

    “if you took drugs before seeing this film you’re stupid. that’s like sprinkling bacon bits on bacon its just not necessary. ” —ACB

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