Set Times:

10-11:30– Flammenwerfer (Ethan Young ’13)

11:30-12:45– Bastille (Michael Ullman ’12)

12:45-2:00– gLAdiator (Ian Johnson ’11 and Dani Goodman ’11 Skidmore)

Last year’s show was preeetty crazy. Here’s the evidence.

Facebook page.

Date: Tonight, 2/4/11
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: WestCo Cafe

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3 thoughts on “MASQUERAVE. TONIGHT.

  1. Dick

    Oh my god, yo. Westco now has german djs? I was thinking about going abroad next semester, but Westco is so cosmopolitan. I’ll just go to all of their dances instead. Mane.

    Nah, but for real, fuck westco. Motto for the dance:

    Thumbs up if Justice DIDN’T change your life in 2008.

    Fuck france.

    I gotta story to tell,

    Frantz Fanon

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