Structural Integrity Concerns Are Concerning

Yesterday I posted a 1996 Argus article regarding a massive snowstorm that collapsed an entire wall of the Freeman Athletic Center. I made light of it, because, you know, it was 1996, and no one got hurt, and all is well, and people say funny things in 1996.

The day before that we reported on a building collapse on Main Street in Middletown. We made light of it—sort of—because everyone’s okay, except a bunch of old props from Oddfellows Playhouse, even though city officials say Middletown buildings are still threatened by heavy snowfall.

Today I received a scary email regarding on-campus evacuations from Joyce Topshe, Associate Vice President for Unpronounceable Names Facilities. I’m not making light of it, because it’s kind of scary. [Key safety tip: “Please be alert to any unusual cracking noises.” Unless your roommate  is, or studies with, Alvin Lucier.]

This morning three Wesleyan buildings were evacuated as a precautionary measure after heavy snow on roofs raised concerns about structural integrity. They are the two Neighborhood Preschool buildings at 20 Lawn Ave. and 115 High St., and the University Relations building at 318 High St. In addition, a small storage building at 240 Court St. collapsed; no one was inside and no one was injured.

We have been inspecting Wesleyan buildings all week, and we have retained the services of consulting structural engineers to continue that work. Please be alert to any unusual cracking noises, sagging ceilings, or new cracks in ceilings or walls. If you observe any such problems, please evacuate your building immediately and call Public Safety at extension 3333.

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  3. hehe

    i just want you to know that your wit and humor are a consistent source of laughter in my life. out loud laughter, honestly. i <3 wesleying.

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