Oh Snap: LikeALittle

Time and time again, the Interwebz comes out of left field to provide new and wonderful mechanisms that cultivate our obsessions, widen the floodgates for communication (or miscommunication), and enable our probably deleterious delusions.

LikeALittle, the “flirting facilitator program” designed and programmed by a Stanford grad student, has hit our shores. Wanna send signal flares to that cute frizzy-haired girl that works Tuesdays at Pi but can’t flirt across the cup-filled counter? Wanna tattoo “I’M SINGLE” across your forehead to that guy you’ve been locking eyes with at the gym without actually geting ink?

This is yo’ avenue, folks.

Read a little about it here.

Get yourself into it here.

Love (or something far less than it) is a beautiful thing.

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