Freeman to Wes: “BRB,” Indefinite Hiatus

Joining the ranks of Wolf Parade, Fugazi, Blink 182, and System of a Down, the Freeman Athletic Center has announced an indefinite hiatus, citing irreconcilable creative differences and descent into “heavy snow load” addiction. The announcement follows years of speculation regarding the band’s alarming 1996 effort, Wall Collapses Under Heavy Snowfall, and places the status of its upcoming release, This Week’s Phys-Ed Classes, in limbo until further review.  More from publicist and Athletics Director John Biddiscombe:

Due to the heavy snow load on many of the  Freeman Athletic Center roofs,  all classes, except for those classes held in the pool, are canceled for Monday and Tuesday, February 7 and 8.  Also, the Andersen Fitness Center, Bacon Field House, Rosenbaum Squash Courts, Multi Exercise Rooms, and Silloway Gymnasium are closed indefinitely. Please check the Department of Physical Education and Athletics web site for up-to-date information regarding resumption of classes and the opening of activity spaces.

Also pertinent/scary:

In other news, the Goldsmith Family Cinema roof was apparently making scary creaking noises at the Film Series last night. (If it was making similar noises at Enter the Void on Friday, I was simply too horrified by that film to notice.) Stay safe, guys. Don’t go outside.

Wait, no: I mean—don’t go inside. Roofs be collapsin’.

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