Spring Dance Auditions!

Sometimes when I want to feel like a peacock, the Man just won’t let me fly. Other times there’s people like Lindsay Kosasa ’13, who remind me there’s shit like


Come to the SDC to get your groove on! The sophomore dance majors are ready to show the world WHAT WE’VE GOT!

But obviously, we need dancers, A.K.A. you!

No previous dance experience necessary. We just want to watch you move (because dancing is hot . . . duh).

The details after the jump.

Your happy, excited, peppy, sexy, crazy, special choreographers are:

Matt Carney ’13
Kate Finley ’13
Lindsay Kosasa ’13
Kelsey Siegel ’13
Elisa Waugh ’13
Emily Wolcott ’13

We will have two auditions. You only come to one.

Feb. 8 from 7-8PM
Feb. 8 from 830-930PM

But if you are not able to come to auditions but really, really want to be in the show, email any of us and we’ll get you a form!

You also will get .25 credits through DANC435.

Date:   Feb. 8
Time:   7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Place:  Schonberg Dance Studio 247 Pine St

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