Film Series: “The Last Mistress”

2007. France/Italy. Dir: Catherine Breillat. With Asia Argento, Fu’ad Aït Aattou. 104 min.

Director Breillat recreates the glamour of 19th Century Paris to frame a steamy story of sexual obsession. Swashbuckling Ryno leaves his lover of ten years to marry a virginal daughter of aristocracy. But is his passion dead, or will his last mistress come back to haunt him? Presented as part of The Tournées Festival.

DATE: Tonight, February 9
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema

The Tournées Festival was made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the French Ministry of Culture (CNC).

One thought on “Film Series: “The Last Mistress”

  1. Ugh.

    I don’t know if this is too nit-picky of me, but can these please come at least one night before? There is no way I can schedule for an event that I’m notified of 4 hours before.

    And yes, I will admit that Wesleying convinces me to go see movies when the film series calendar does not.

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