Film Series: “The Last Mistress”

2007. France/Italy. Dir: Catherine Breillat. With Asia Argento, Fu’ad Aït Aattou. 104 min.

Director Breillat recreates the glamour of 19th Century Paris to frame a steamy story of sexual obsession. Swashbuckling Ryno leaves his lover of ten years to marry a virginal daughter of aristocracy. But is his passion dead, or will his last mistress come back to haunt him? Presented as part of The Tournées Festival.

DATE: Tonight, February 9
PLACE: CFS, Goldsmith Family Cinema

The Tournées Festival was made possible with the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the French Ministry of Culture (CNC).

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One thought on “Film Series: “The Last Mistress”

  1. Ugh.

    I don’t know if this is too nit-picky of me, but can these please come at least one night before? There is no way I can schedule for an event that I’m notified of 4 hours before.

    And yes, I will admit that Wesleying convinces me to go see movies when the film series calendar does not.

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