Slender James, What’s That?

From Simon Edmonds-Langham, ’14:
Please allow me to introduce Slender James. Slender James (known to friends as Slim Jim), is the fresh-facedest newcomer to that roiling cauldron which is the Wesleyan a cappella scene. And Slender James is hungry for men. In fact, they’re all he eats. No, but really, it’s all guys. So if you fancy yourself a singer (and a dood), then it would certainly behoove you to make your way down to Slender James’ very first auditions and bask in that beloved new a cappella group smell.

-Music Studio Lounge
-Friday, 2/11, 3:30-5:30 pm
-Brush your hair, comb your teeth, and come equipped with a 1-2 minute solo and a good joke.
– Flash a smile, toss a few winks, and blow Slender James … away.

Tell yo friends!

send any questions to sedmondslang (at)

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