Vagina Monologues Tickets On Sale

Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues is showing this week at the ’92 Theater!

The play, based on interviews conducted with women around the world about their opinions and perspectives on sex, relationships, and sexual violence, deftly succeeds at being insightful, poignant, and consistently hilarious.

Tickets are on sale at the Usdan Box Office for $4.

Date: Friday, February 11th; Saturday,  February 12th
Time: 8pm (Fri. and Sat.) 3pm (Sat.)
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: $4

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4 thoughts on “Vagina Monologues Tickets On Sale

  1. Vagina Motherfucker

    I’m curious about the choice of image to represent Vagina Monologues. It seems to assume that Vagina Monologues is a space for women who identify their womanhood in a particular way. What’s so amazing about the idea of Vagina Monologues is that it makes space for all women to be women however they choose to be women. It seems like that image is not only assuming women to be sex objects, but also excluding a lot of women from the inclusion of what Vagina Monologues offers…

    1. Anonymous

      I’m inclined to believe that the assumptions about sexuality are yours, not the image’s. I have doubts that many others see the image the same way you do.

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