Watch “The Internationals,” a New Wesleyan Webseries!

Michael Steves ’13 is creating a new Wesleyan webseries called “The Internationals.” More about it in his own words:

Watch the new Wesleyan webseries, “The Internationals”, a comedy about the freshman year of a hall of international students! In the first of thirteen episodes, the hallmates meet each other and play a name game. Meanwhile, Willie Hayward of Fairbanks, Alaska attempts to leave the international hall on which he has accidentally been placed.

For a cast list and more, read past the jump:

Directed by Neo Sora ’13, written by Will Dubbs ’14 and Michael Steves ’13, created by Michael Steves.

Starring: Alex Rodriguez ’14, Amara Davila ’13, Scotty Shoemaker ’13, Tim Wolock ’13, Anika Amin ’14, Danielle Springer ’13, Peter Cramer ’14, Michael Firer ’13, Sewon Kang ’14, Jana Heaton ’14, Em Trambert ’14, Michael Yee ’14, Sam Sontag ’14, Maddie McEntire ’13, Christian Schneider ’14, Gabe Salazar ’13, Kirby Sokolow ’14, Michelle Agresti ’14, Suzanne Ho ’13, Emily Hunt ’13, Lindsay Schapiro ’14, Noah Schlesinger ’13, and many more!

Some helpful links:

Last year was a good year for webseries at Wesleyan. “ENROLLED” and “Wannabes” in particular made their way onto Wesleying multiple times. Links below:

A new episode of “The Internationals will be released every Wednesday. Stay tuned for more!

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7 thoughts on “Watch “The Internationals,” a New Wesleyan Webseries!

  1. stab_me

    not only is this offensive, it’s very poorly written and filmed. Predictable, boring, and what the F is with that underwear shot? No, seriously. WTF Steves. You’ve outdone yourself.

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  3. Anonymous

    My suggestions:

    (1) Get language coaches. That way, you can realistically imitate the nationalities. There are plenty of people here who know plenty of them. (Insert comment about myself)
    (2) Accelerate the action considerably. Rests can be good in music. Dialogue, not so much.
    (3) Add background music. In ALL parts. That way, people will not be (as) tempted to shut it off mid-stream. NOT absolutely familiar music, but of the vaguely familiar variety.
    (4) Clever dialogue, as opposed to very simple sentences. Unless you are going for a children’s show feel, that is.

  4. student

    Give them a break. At least they’re getting off of their butts and doing something. Cheers, to you guys! Of course it’s not perfect, but that’s what makes it fun. Keep at it. I thought it had some pretty funny moments.

    1. Guest

      Racist? No. Bad fake accents? Definitely. The idea has potential, but is totally ruined by the in-and-out/inaccurate accents.

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