Caspian (Post-)Rocks the Chapel

For a Wednesday night, there was, according to the lead singer, “nothing he would rather be doing.” For the most part it seemed like everyone agreed. The attendance was undeservedly poor, considering the quality of Caspian’s instrumental, vocal-less post rock, but their mellow/dramatic style was a much-welcomed change from the typical indie-pop.

The crowd, such as it was, made it to the front for some tame dancing and head-bobbing in tune to an Almonds-and-Elephants-style finale involving a group effort on the drums, an all around good ending to a too-short performance. House Settling was a fine opener (they played second after Sleep Well, whom I missed), enthusiastic but overly loud and with incoherent vocals. The instrumentation was unremarkable but pleasant, and served as good warm up.

If you want to check out Caspian, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Caspian (Post-)Rocks the Chapel

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  2. anonymous

    I am appalled that a student would use Wesleying as an electronic venue through which to express criticism of student art, talent, and courage. Not only does this demonstrate a lack of consideration for fellow students’ work, but it does not foster an encouraging communal environment that Wesleyan, and society more generally, needs to strive for. Wesleying is not pitchfork or the village voice where consumed art is critically (and perhaps too often aggressively) exmained, it is a communally-oriented virtual space structured to publicize socially and communally relevant events. As such, I sincerely believe that Wesleying writers need to be more conscientious of the personal biases they infuse into their posts, especially when they publicly express harsh judgment. I think we could all benefit from a temporary return to elementary school when we were taught the age-old aphorism “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

      1. anonymous

        Regardless, Wesleying is not the place for criticism of student work. Be more respectful next time you post.

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