Colby Prof Resigns After Revealed as Perv

Wow, umm, I'm sure glad I go to Wes.

You now have a reason to be thankful that Wesleyan doesn’t have a J-term.  This past January, Econ professor Philip H. Brown took a bunch of students to China to “examine the economic, political, and social issues associated with China’s rapid growth.”  What these students didn’t realize (at least at first), however, was that Brown was examining the bodies of female students with a hidden surveillance camera.

According to the affidavit filed by Armstrong, the allegations surfaced on Jan. 22 when two students were writing a blog post and accidentally deleted the entry. The students attempted to retrieve the blog post from the computer’s trash bin “and found disturbing images of a fellow student.”

The student in the photo, a female, was “nude from the waist down.” […] [The medicine box] contained a First Aid kit, medicine container and black box, which Brown said “contained necessary information about the trip.” She said that during the first night in the hotel, Brown placed the containers in the bathroom “and insisted that the containers be kept in the bathroom so everybody would know where they were.”

After the female student confirmed that the photo was of her, she and other students searched the bathroom and found a surveillance camera in the black box. They reported the discovery to college officials and sent the image to Armstrong, who was able to confirm the image had come from a surveillance-type camera.

It gets worse.  Apparently this isn’t the first time Professor Brown did something like this–he also admitted to doing so during a similar trip to China in the past.  That’s not all.  He admitted to doing something like this in his university-owned housing, “but not with a Colby College student” (as if that makes it all better).  The worst part is, though, that they “don’t have a crime you can prosecute in this country” yet.

The student body found out about the events and Brown’s subsequent resignation when they received an email from President William “Bro” Adams (Bro? Their president is a “Bro”?).  Although he’d only had tenure for a few months, Brown took the obvious hint to resign when he was threatened by the university’s administration.

Meanwhile, students who were scheduled to take his economics seminar this semester were told to enroll in other ones.  That’s yet another issue – whenever something happens with a professor students are simply left without that course (some Wes sociology students might know the feeling), but I guess we should all be happy for our Colby cousins that they actually caught and got rid of Professor Peeping Tom.

[Kennebec Journal]

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3 thoughts on “Colby Prof Resigns After Revealed as Perv

  1. Ayn Rand

    Clearly, Brown was observing rapid growth in China. Of course, it didn’t have anything to do with the economy.

  2. just sayin

    Colby President William “Bro” Adams used to be in Wesleyan’s administration.
    Do your homework before you snark about Bro’s.

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