Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for: you can finally unplug start a life without electronics/facebook/twitter/tumblr/hulu. But then again, if you were really committed, you wouldn’t be reading this on www.wesleying.org anyway, now would you?

“Day of Unplugging is having a jam session and pot luck on Saturday at Earth House at 4 and 6 pm! Bring your friends, bring your instruments, bring some food if you can, bring love for people and music and t-shirts, leave the cell phones at home! Other things happening for Unplugged: T-shirts tomorrow at Usdan and the program house fair for an optional donation to Oddfellows (because the roof collapsed on their costumes), Massages Friday at 8 pm in the Nics Lounge, Meditation with Frank at 1 am on Foss!”

  • What: Jam Session & Pot Luck
  • When: Saturday the 12th (TOMORROW)
  • Cost: A day without YouTube, etc.
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