Three Scenes From Duchampion @ Eclectic

Ben Seretan ’10, Asa Horvitz ’10, Will Brant ’10, and Jake Nussbaum ’10 may have graduated last spring, but they can’t seem to stay away long. Considering this means opportunities to see their sweet band Duchampion on campus for free, I’m not complaining.

The quartet’s triumphant 2011 return to campus, with Wet Nurse and School Collective, was tragically postponed last month. Last night the band finally brought its alternately noise-driven and sweetly poppy brand of indie rock to campus—and to a far more enthusiastic crowd showing than a Wednesday night would have brought. (Peace, Loving, instead of School Collective, opened, along with Wet Nurse.) As previously mentioned, you should probably check out their self-titled album here, and watch this interview with Method Magazine.

Maybe graduating college isn’t always the apocalypse after all. [Two more show photos after the jump, courtesy of Rachel Pincus ’13.]

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  2. anon

    Hi, this is an anonymous member of Duchampion who is pretty embarrassed by that method magazine interview. Care to remove it? Thanks. :-)

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