Middletown’s is one of the Most Romantic Main Streets

It’s Valentine’s Day (this is college, holidays take on the closest weekend, at least according to my friends).  So where does one spend a romantic day such as this?  Stop mumbling “in a real city” under your breath.  I know, it’s reflex.  According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Middletown is actually the place to be for romance:

Middletown’s allure includes an artful Main Street brimming with elegant restaurants, an award-winning local chocolatier, and the romantic Inn at Middletown, offering the best of New England charm.

In addition to mentioning iconic eateries such as O’Rourke’s and Malloves Jewelers as elements of a dream date here in M-town, there’s this little treat:

Venture past the historic houses on tree-lined College Street to the prestigious Wesleyan University. Take in an eclectic and interesting lecture, a hockey game, or go stargazing at the college observatory.

So, now when you see random couples engaged in PDA’s on College Row, you know what’s going on.  This may just be a ploy by the administration to get people to show up at athletics events though.

[National Trust for Historic Preservation, via HuffPo]

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