Ask Argy

From The Argus:

Hello there confused Wesleyan students, help has arrived. You can ask friends, you can ask the ACB, but that wouldn’t be as fun as asking the new Argus advice columnist!  But seriously, where else can you get a thought out, full paragraph response to all your burning questions. Here’s the best part, it’s all anonymous (duh) so all those questions you can’t ask your friends because then they will know that you want to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, ask your parents because then you actually have to tell them that you are failing Calculus II, or the ACB because no one ever gives a straight answer, here is your forum.

So ask your questions, because I am brutally honest and will give you the hard facts: no you shouldn’t live with your friend in Hirise because she wants to raise a family of piglets in the common room, and yes you should have that talk with your parents about questioning your sexuality. Email askargy(at) with all your tough questions and I promise to do my best.

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One thought on “Ask Argy

  1. anonymous

    the whole you can’t get a straight answer on the ACB thing is such a cliche

    if you put thought into your question and are totally earnest then you can easily get a straight answer, we see it happen all the time

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