WESU To Broadcast Al Jazeera English

Since its launch in 1996, Al Jazeera has rapidly become one of the most influential, controversial, and informative news networks in the world. In the past couple of weeks, the network has been extensively involved in the Egyptian revolution, having the situation’s most detailed reporting and potentially serving as a catalyst. These recent events have exponentially boosted the ratings of Al Jazeera’s television stations and viewership of its online sites.

While Al Jazeera is generally an under-recognized news source in the United States, their extensive coverage of the situation in Egypt may be the story that begins their integration into American mass-media.

While many cable and satellite companies have rejected requests to add Al Jazeera to their line-ups, WESU will begin to air their hourlong headline broadcasts on weekdays at 11am.

WESU 88.1FM, is proud to announce they will begin broadcasting Al Jazeera English, on Monday February 14th as part of their Spring Program schedule. Al Jazeera English is a daily 60 minute award winning world headline radio news magazine recently made available to WESU through their affiliation with the Pacifica Radio Network.  WESU will broadcast Al Jazeera English weekdays at 11 am right before Democracy Now.

WESU is committed to offering listeners an array of perspectives that are underrepresented or difficult to find elsewhere on the airwaves. WESU anticipates that carrying Al Jazeera English will spark some mixed responses from listeners and other media outlets and encourages anyone with serious concerns about the newscast to listen to it before passing final judgment.

Read past the break for the full WESU statement.

Al Jazeera English has received numerous international awards for news coverage and WESU is pleased to include it as a complement to their diverse mix of public news and Public affairs programming from NPR, Pacifica, BBC, and other independent and local sources.  Al Jazeera English nominations and awards include: The International Emmy Awards, the London-based Foreign Press Association, YouTube, The Association of International Broadcasters, Amnesty International, Britain’s Royal Television Society, and the Monte Carlo Film Festival. For more information on Al Jazeera English visit http://english.aljazeera.net/

The mission of the Pacifica Radio Network, is to promote peace and justice through communication between all races, nationalities and cultures. Pacifica takes pride in bringing voices to the airwaves that normally may get shut out, and in providing news from under-reported areas. In this time of globalized change, it is particularly important to hear and understand divergent viewpoints from around the world. To learn more about Pacifica visit http://pacificanetwork.org.

WESU’s spring schedule also features many long standing music and public affairs program in addition to a few new student and community volunteer programs. WESU’s spring schedule can be found online at http://www.wesufm.org and a print program guide will be distributed at select locations around the area in the coming weeks.


Established in 1939 as a community service of Wesleyan University, WESU is one of the oldest non-commercial radio stations in the United States. WESU currently broadcasts at the frequency of 88.1 FM from its 6,000-watt transmitter located atop the Wesleyan University science tower in Middletown, CT with a potential to reach over one million listeners throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. WESU also streams audio, online through their website www.wesufm.org.

By day, Monday through Friday, WESU offers a diverse mix of news and public affairs from NPR, Pacifica, and independent and local media sources. Week nights and weekends WESU student and community volunteer broadcasters provide a freeform mix of creative music programming featuring everything from rock, and hip hop, to jazz, electronic dance music, soul, funk,  and blues, alongside a wide variety of ethnic forms of music not readily available elsewhere on the radio.

WESU is funded by the Wesleyan Student Budget committee, Wesleyan University, and generous listener and community support.

To learn more about WESU, visit the station’s website www.wesufm.org where you can, learn about the stations colorful history, listen to a live audio stream, find contact information, see DJ playlists, and check out the Spring 2011 program guide.

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