So, if you’re (un)fortunate enough to be Facebook friends with me, then you’ll know my status updates have not been concerned with the possibility of chocolates, flowers, and lavish gifts so much as with a certain music festival held in Manchester, TN each year in June. Today, Bonnaroo announced their lineup for their 2011 Festival held this year from June 9th till the 12th. And what a sight that lineup was to see at 12 p.m. today. I would attempt to highlight some of the Wes favorites, or more honestly, my personal favorites, but that would probably devolve into merely listing nearly every artist again.

The lineup this year draws from previous festival favorites (Girl Talk, Bassnectar, The Strokes, Mumford and Sons) to brand new featured artists (Big Boi, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Wavves) to some Wes-featured artists (Twin Shadow, The Head and the Heart) to  Grammy-winning headliners, Arcade Fire and Eminem. Okay, okay; I’m doing what I said I wouldn’t do. So feast your eyes on the lineup and order your tickets online on Saturday, February 19th at noon, Wesleyan.

For a quick background: Bonnaroo attracts over 75,000 attendees from all over the country and the world to a 700 acre farm in Manchester for a 4 day weekend full of 100 degree weather, silent discos, comedy, a ferris wheel, and incredible music–all without showers. Bonnaroo will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, and is, without a doubt, my favorite festival in the country. Sorry, Sasquatch-Lollapalooza-Coachella-Golden Gate lovers.

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  1. Anonymous

    I actually feel like I preferred last year’s line-up! But that might also be because I can’t go this year. ;P

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