Valentine’s Day Facebook Status Roundup

Apparently we didn’t distract you enough. Here are some highlights from the Valentine’s Day FaceWesbook  statusphere—compiled by various Wesleying staffers, and limited to (witty? lonely? sexually frustrated?) Wes students. Enjoy . . . ?

  • “_____ overslept class again cuz she set her alarm to 10 PM. BUT THAT JUST MEANS ONLY 12 HOURS LEFT OF VALENTINE’S BULLSHIT DAY LOL!”   [F ’13]
  • “i’m just alone on valentine’s day to be ironic” [M ’12]
  • “Vday schmeday” [F ’13]
  • “_____ hopes everyone has a fiscally but not sexually conservative Valentines Day
    this year.” [M ’13]
  • “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY! Valentine’s? No! A new Radiohead album!!!!” [F ’13]

  • “it’s kind of ironic how i hate Valentine’s Day but i’m listening to so much
    R&B… lol” [M ’12]
  • “Warner outside than in my house. #dudewtf Also, HAPPY VALENBRO’S DAY!” [F ’13]
  • “who needs chocolate when you got a vibrator? HAPPY V-DAY EVERYONE! ? Enjoy
  • yourselves some lovin’ and bangin’! ?*” [F ’11]
  • “This week my radio show is for reverend of love al green! Tune in to from 8-9:30 to listen to tunes about love of all shapes and sizes!!!” [M ’13]

Also, special “Guess who” alumnus edition:

  • “Gawker describes Kosh industries as ‘an evil mysterious Death Star-like conglomerate controlled by two unimaginably wealthy unaccountable right-wing brothers, who are evil.’ Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the greatest compliment a liberal can ever pay a conservative.” [M ’10]

Yeah, we missed some good ones. Post them in the comments. Oh, and super special Valentine’s Day FB chat bonus:

  • today, after seeing a table in usdan run by [JB ’13]  emblazoned with the slogan “dry humping saves lives”
  • I opened my mailbox
  • to see who wanted to dry hump me
  • apparently it’s only the 2013 class council
  • and jill morawski in the psych department
  • lol

Happy 4:17 a.m.!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Facebook Status Roundup

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  2. Elseachay

    Some people give hearts made of construction paper to their beloved. I gave mine the heart of my second-greatest nemesis, ripped from the scoundrel’s ribcage with my loving hands. Then I turned that bleeding mass of muscle and viscera into diamonds, just to show how much I care. Happy Valentine’s Day. – Theodore Broosevelt

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