People at Wesleyan Made Music!

For whatever reason, there appears to be a mildly successful alumni band out there who we don’t talk about at every opportunity. Darwin Deez, or Darwin Smith ‘?? (apparently dropped out of Wesleyan), sounds like the lovechild of Julian Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr. But seriously, they sound just like the Strokes. Apparently, they are pretty popular in the UK. Go figure. Plus, They Make Ridiculous Music Videos.

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9 thoughts on “People at Wesleyan Made Music!

  1. Anonymous

    Yep, pretty popular in the UK. They’re touring London at the moment. Tried to get tickets but they were all gone, haha. :P

  2. anon

    “upon leaving his native Carolina and entering its hallowed halls at 18, Deez found himself, for the first time, cast adrift, lonely and in ‘a really dark place.'”
    –his description of Wesleyan. glad we’re taking the time to appreciate him but it clearly doesn’t go both ways

    1. Anonymous

      The suggestion that we’re doing some sort of reprehensible damage by promoting his music on this site seems just a tiny bit unlikely. Maybe you or the other anon could tell us exactly how bad we fucked this up?

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