Protest the new Residency Policy

From an anonymous tipster:

I don’t need to fill anyone in on the Beta-gate situation going on right now (If you’ve been under a rock, start here and here). Now is the time to take a stand. This Friday, we’re protesting the University’s new paternalistic and insulting residency policy. Come to the Usdan Cafe this Friday from 12-1 to show your support. Please bring signs to protest (we’re trying to keep the tone civil and show we’re adults, so no inappropriate language or personal attacks please). There will be a petition for you to sign to show your opposition to this unjust power grab.

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5 thoughts on “Protest the new Residency Policy

  1. Mean Dike Whaley

    This is bigger than Beta:

    We ought to address:
    Open containers policies
    Party registration policies
    Public Safety misconduct
    SJB Standard of Proof

    or should we just burn those bridges when we get to them?

  2. Ewguerre

    I hope there is a good showing at this protest: if there’s one thing we should care about it’s our own rights. I know I’ll be there.

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