Bomb the Music Industry w/ Static Stamina + Hand-Me Downs

Remember that scene in PCU where Gutter stumbles into George Clinton’s tour bus and accidentally ends up bringing his favorite band to The Pit at Port Chester University? [No, you don’t. You haven’t seen PCU. WHY HAVEN’T ALL WESLEYAN STUDENTS SEEN PCU?!?!] This is basically what’s happening at WestCo tomorrow night, except Gutter is Will F. ’13, and Parliament is Bomb the Music Industry!, and Port Chester is Wesleyan (no, really, guys—it is), and [one of] Will’s band[s], Static Stamina (who just put up a new song last night), is opening. HOLY SHIT IT’S REALLY HAPPENING YOU SHOULD BE THERE ENTHUSIASM ENTHUSIASM.

Never mind. Just check out the poster. Click it for Facebook linkage:

More informashunz from the Will F. ’13:

  • Bomb the Music Industry!, the seminal DIY punk band, is coming to concert you up.
  • Bomb the Music Industry! are an eclectic, high energy band who’ve been putting albums out for free on their donation-based label since ’round ’05 (whashgood Radiohead).
  • Opening are campus partycore favorites Static Stamina, who I hear are really worth seeing. Part of the #1 voted student show at Wesleyan last semester!
  • and Skidmore “friendcore” funsters The Hand-Me-Downs, who are incredibly lively and awesome.


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