Malcolm Tent Rawks Usdan

There’s no better way to wash down a Usdan residency policy protest than with an icy swig of dusty post-punk vinyl. Good thing everyone’s favorite traveling record vendor Malcolm Tent is returning to Wes tomorrow to sell you records and raid my wallet:

Friday, February 18 marks the return of Trash American Style and our full complement of awesome vinyl, CDs, cassettes, jewelry, clothing, and whatever else I have room for on the table. We’ll be at the Usdan Center, indoors by the staircase where it’s warm and dry. We expect to be fully awake and operational at noon, and we’ll stick around till 5:00. If you have any requests or special orders, let me know (email: mt(at)trashamericanstyle(dot)us) and I’ll do my utmost to hook you up.

Did you know Malcolm’s table was recently voted the number one most romantic place to buy bootlegged Bauhaus cassettes in Middletown? For more information about Malcolm and his least favorite Leonard Cohen records, click here and here.

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4 thoughts on “Malcolm Tent Rawks Usdan

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  2. Anon

    Please notify us earlier than 9pm the night before next time. I would have liked to email him to bring some specific records…

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