Open Memo to Social Committee:

Can we please get Odd Future for Spring Fling? It would be almost as cool as that time Insane Clown Posse didn’t play here.

It’s a rough day outside, Wesleyan. Bundle up. Careful on the ice.

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16 thoughts on “Open Memo to Social Committee:

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  2. Big Volterrier

    fuck concert committee. dissolve that shit. this would’ve been the obvious best show of the year for so cheap. But instead, donovan decided to spend 5k+ on that doors coverband at Psi U.

    Too busy getting Dr. Dog for to know about OFWGKTA… please.

  3. Concert committee

    people tried to get them to play here this weekend but concert committee didnt meet earlier enough and didnt give out funds…

      1. anonymous

        seriously LOL if concert committee had never heard of them

        they’re huge, how do you not hear of them if you’re on a concert committee

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