Banana Head Releases 7″: Open the Kimono

NEW MUSICZ BY WES STUDENTS!!!11 Banana Head is Zully Adler ’11, not to be confused with the epic and frightening Melt-Banana, some of whose records Malcolm Tent is selling right fucking now in Usdan.

Zully, as Banana Head, has a new 7″ out, which is exciting. It is not being sold by Malcolm Tent. It is the world’s first “Newspaper Seven Inch” (maybe not). Here are more things you should know about Banana Head:

  • Adam Gunther ’11 also helped record it this winter in California.
  • The 7″ is called Open the Kimono.
  • Not down with analogue fetishism culture? Download here. Fo’ free.
  • The record will be released by Lexi Disques (Belgium).
  • You can also stream tracks on the MySpaces.

First impressions on listening to some tracks:

  • Hazy, distant, indecipherable vocals. Niice.
  • Ugly reverb-tinged guitar swirls.
  • Muddy lo-fi textures.
  • Distant, lethargic drums. [I like this.]
  • Tags I would consider using if scrobbling this to “gazing at shoes,” “shitgaze,” “I [heart] my reverb pedal,” “sounds like Eclectic.”


  • Banana Head is sure to be an essential player in Wesleyan’s post-Linus indie landscape.
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