Head to The Indian Grocery Store ASAP!

Have you been craving cooking Indian food lately? Do you need a huge supply of green lentils ($4.99) Or tomato chutney? ($3.49) Or a 10 pound bag of rice ($13.25)? Are you sick of only shopping at Weshop? Then head down to Indian Grocery Store, 749 Saybrook Road Middletown, CT (located right next door to Udupi Bhavan!)

The store, which just opened, offers an incredible supply of spices, rice, vegetables, lentils (red, yellow, and green, etc.), grains, household goods, specialty sauces, and frozen foods. It’s really worth checking out, Wesfriends. I stocked up on goodies that aren’t available on campus:

1 box of Minute Microwave Chana Masala (chick peas in curry sauce) ($1.49)

1 box of Minute Microwave Navratan Korma (spiced vegetables in cashew sauce with pineapple) ($1.49)

1 pound of Karela (Better Melon) (stuffed karela recipe) ($1.75)

1 bottle of Rose Water for baking (chocolate + pistachio tart, or baklava, or truffles) ($2.49)

1 package of Vermicelli Noodles (sesame and cilantro vermicelli salad recipe)  ($1)

The frozen foods section is also really worth checking out. I was especially impressed by the selection of frozen samosas, pakora (crispy onion appetizers seasoned with indian spices) ($1.99), and uttapam (rice pancakes with chopped parsley) ($1.99). Also, don’t miss the chutney section. I brought back a jar of mango chutney.

Be sure to speak with owner’s Raj and Laxmi:

Here’s how to get there: map
(See, it really is right next to Udupi Bhavan!)

Hours: 10 am to 9 pm (7 days a week!)

(860) 343-7799

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  1. Anon

    it was open last semester too, and there were flyers posted in usdan as well as some other locations on campus

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