Teach English in Italy This Summer!

Fresh from her own adventures in Italia, Grace Asleson ’13 (not pictured above) writes in about a great summer opportunity:

Don’t know what to do this summer? Interested in going to Italy and getting paid for it? Join ACLE—a non-profit organization that hires college kids to teach English to Italian Children at summer camps all over Italy. Travel every one to two weeks and stay with host families. Don’t speak Italian? No problem. The families want you to speak English at home and at camp. Come to Hewitt 9 Lounge this Friday, February 25, at 5 pm to find out more! Ci vediamo venerdi!

For those looking for a clearer picture of the experience, check out this classic, accurate portrayal of a summer internship in Italy.

Date: Friday, February 25th
Time: 5:00 P.M.
Place: Hewitt 9 Lounge

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