Surprise! You’re going about your average week at Wesleyan, when BAM, the Asian American Student Collective comes out of nowhere to sponsor four incredibly awesome events this upcoming week just for you.

WEDNESDAY: Open Mic & Spring Slam Series Round 2

The AASC & weSLAM bring you round TWO of the Spring Slam Series.12 poets. 2 rounds. Which 3 will advance to the SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWDOWN? Only time (and poetry!) will tell.

New shit. New poets. (Could that be you?) Old poets. Sexy people. (That could definitely be you). Loud cheering. Loud snapping. (No really, how do people snap so fucking loud?) Come spit. Come listen. Come feel things with us.

Date: Wednesday, February 23rd
Time: 8:30PM-11:30PM
Place: 200 Church
Face: Book

THURSDAY: Finding Common Ground Within an Asian American Identity

AASC invites you to an informal dialogue about what it means to identify yourself or your experience as Asian American. We hope to hear from you and others what it would mean for an Asian American community to exist on campus and how we can build an inclusive and nurturing environment. All are welcome!

Date: Thursday, February 24th
Time: 7:30PM-9:30PM
Place: Albritton Café (top floor)
Face: Book


Have dinner with Daphne Kwok ’84 this Friday! Enjoy delicious (free) food from Haveli while discussing the past, present, and future of Asian American activism at Wesleyan, the state of Asian American activism outside of campus, and any other topics you would be interested in discussing with one of the most prominent Asian American activists of our time!

Daphne Kwok ’84 is a member of the Wesleyan Board of Trustees, Chair of the White House Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the Executive Director of the Asians and Pacific Islanders of California with Disabilities, and all around badass.

Date: Friday, February 25th
Time: 5:00PM-6:30PM
Place: 200 Church Lounge
Face: Book


After it’s all said and done, come unwind with DEEP FOUNDATION – a three-person hip hop group from New York, NY! The self-branded ‘pseudo-political’ emcees of the up and coming band bring a unique brand of music colored by their different upbringings and experiences. Their songs are equal parts socially conscious and head-noddingly catchy; “Children of the Sun,” for example, layers an endless stream of identity-affirming verses over a sample of Filipino folk legend Heber Bartolome’s “Tayo’y mga Pinoy” (“We are Pinoys”).

Pinoy, the AASC, and the East Asian Studies Department have worked together to bring the group to Wesleyan as part of a semester-long campaign to highlight the diversity of Asian and Asian-influenced media and art.

Date: Saturday, February 26th
Time: 10:30 – Midnight
Place: 200 Church Lounge
Face: Book

AASC strives to strengthen the voices of Asian Americans through social awareness, progressive action, and political empowerment. We work to build coalitions with other student of color groups and open up channels of communication and dialogue among Asian American and Asian students and the greater community. Through presentation and discussion of engaging art, media, and speech we hope to promote an awareness and deeper understanding of Asian American concerns. We provide an open forum in which issues of identity, race, class, gender and sexuality can be explored and questioned; where stereotypes and structures of oppression can be broken down and examined in relation to Asian America, and where our diverse individual experiences can be placed within a broader historical context.

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  1. Elaine

    Hey there,

    If you’re not busy, you definitely should come to our talk on Thursday! It sounds like you’ve thought about this a lot, and I know I personally would love to hear your thoughts regarding the use of racial/racist satire, and what does/does not qualify as “empowering.”

    We also welcome you to come to our meetings, Wednesday at 9pm on the UOC (except this week, because we are co-sponsoring the poetry event with weSLAM). The title was something people at our last meeting came to a consensus about, as an allusion to both the groundbreaking anthology and events that KSA have thrown in the past. However, if there had been objections or alternate suggestions, obviously those would have been welcomed as well.

    If you are at all interested in contributing or becoming an active member of AASC, please feel free to email me at so I can put you on the listserv! :)

    I hope I see you tomorrow!

  2. Lifecanbeapositiveexperience

    heyyyyy wesleying, as much as I do appreciate the promotion of these fine events, can we please cease the racist headlines? have you not learned your mistake from the latino/a-gate? We get it, asian and invasion rhyme and there are asians here and there may not have been before. welcome to contemporary society. stop the hate speak.

    thanks, much appreciated.

      1. Lifecanbeapositiveexperience

        It’s implying that they are aliens, foreign, like they are not welcomed in america. And it was coined during the height of yellow peril in the early 20th century. My family has been here since 1850, asians are not apart of a conspiritory invasion. We are here, get used to it.

        1. anon

          The usage of “Asian Invasian” in this context was not at all meant to be hurtful and racist, but rather satirical–remolding this idea/giving it a different meaning to reflect the many events happening this week sponsored by AASC.

          1. an azn

            Unfortunately, irony is easily lost on the internet; those who don’t care to look beyond the literal, will simply take this title to reaffirm their ignorant beliefs.

          2. Lifecanbeapositiveexperience

            Right, I’ve seen asian invasion used in the satirical context, but in those instances the usage was empowering. But in this context it is not. It’s othering and distasteful for a site like wesleying which is decidedly innocuous. Also, who cares if the AASC used it. That doesn’t make it right. Just because their asian doesn’t mean it’s not offensive.

          3. Elaine

            Balls, reply fail. I responded to your comment in a comment above, if you’re interested in what one of the AASC organizers has to say with regards to the title. :)

            Best wishes!

          4. Elaine

            Balls, reply fail. I responded to your comment in a comment above, if you’re interested in what one of the AASC organizers has to say with regards to the title. :)

            Best wishes!

          5. WesLove

            if you’re at wes, and so politically charged, you should prob know the diff between “their” and “they’re”… i mean, if you’re going to try and dole out social imperatives, you might as well be grammatically correct too…

            hey, just saying.

    1. Anonymouz

      To be fair to wesleying, the title is the same as the subject of the e-mail sent out about the events from a member of the AASC

    2. pro-chillout

      i know plenty of asians who aren’t screaming hatebitches. get over yourself.

      thanks, much appreciated.

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