Enobong Etteh, you a balla

You may or may not have already read it in the latest issue of the Argus, but there’s a pretty remarkable piece in there about Westco resident Enobong Etteh ’13‘s run-in with what can only be described as a midnight bedroom intruder. Confronted with a non-Wes-going man who “smelled like the elephant cage at the zoo” and who was asking for help in the form of cash, Etteh (who did not have cash at that point) did what any good Samaritan would do: offer the clothes right off his friggin’ back (or rather, his laundry bag).

Enobong, you’ve got mad lyfe skillz for not flippin’ the fuck out and high-tailing it out of there like a mofo. To honor your heroic/just plain good ol’ pleasant deed, this is for you:

Disclaimer: So I couldn’t find any other Youtube video that was somewhat closely relevant to Etteh’s predicament. If any of you haters find this gesture of love, admiration, and dawg-gone respect offensive, you can take your principles and shove it. Etteh, babes, this is for you.


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3 thoughts on “Enobong Etteh, you a balla

  1. then a hero comes along...

    this story made my day. what a great guy. he even encouraged the dude to use the shower. so sweet.

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