Roth Cognizant of Student Activism

President Roth’s supposedly been off campus lately on vacation, but it seems that he’s caught up pretty quickly.  His latest Huffington Post piece definitely makes it seem that he’s aware of the activist events going on around campus lately.:

I was an undergraduate in the seventies, and my education included more than a little protest and activism. I was aware that my liberal arts school had a reputation for activism, and I was proud to be part of it. I returned to Wesleyan University as president more than four years ago, and even though now some of this activism is directed against me, I still take pride in this tradition of alma mater.

It’s subtle, but it seems like Roth might approve of activism even when he is the target of it (WSA Meeting @ Beta, Rally at Trustee’s Meeting).  The statement is too indirect to tell whether that means Roth will respond positively to the student demands, but he seems to be actually encouraging the activism rather than shutting it down.   So go put up your tents, sign your petitions, and rally in front of your trustees, ‘cuz Roth likes it.

Also, in case anyone was wondering how to explain their certificate program to their potential employers/parents, Roth sums it up as an “interdisciplinary minor.”

The rest of his post, focusing on the relationship between scholarship and public life, can be found here.

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