Need a lift?

Remember that time you paid $60 for a cab to get to Bradley Airport? Yeah, bummed you out. With Spring Break coming up, traveling has become an issue for the Wesleyan community once again. And  Jannie Trelogan ’12 wants to help you out by reminding you of a great resource on your e-portfolio, the (mostly) forgotten Wesleyan Ride Board:

Three academic years ago, the electronic Wesleyan “Rideboard” was created to help students coordinate carpools to and from campus- either with other students or with the CT commuter van service Easy Street. What a great idea! Saves gas money, saves the environment, saves you from having to pester friends for rides to the train station… what’s not to love? Except that for some reason the board is barely used.

It’s time to step it up. With spring break rapidly approaching, surely someone can give a lift to the handful of kids asking for rides to the airport, New Haven, NYC, and Boston. And one kid who’s headed to Middlebury College.

In case you missed the first two links (or are just technologically inept; my words, not Jannie’s), I give you: THE WESLEYAN RIDEBOARD

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4 thoughts on “Need a lift?

  1. frequent rideboard user

    link is broken. You can find it under student life in your student portfolio, though.

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