Program House Apps Due Tonight at Midnight

Here are the houses that sent us info to post. Yes, this is last minute, but if you’re anything like me freshman year, you’re not submitting your apps till tonight anyway. Reminder: No, you don’t have to be a[n] ______ [something] _______  [choose one: major/expert/aficionado/junkie] to apply to [_____] [something again] _______ [choose one: Hall/House].

(For a complete list of program houses [whose premises you will not be suspended for entering, mind you], click here.]

Japanese Hall:

Can you name the original 151 Pokémons? Do you love to eat sushi, okonomiyaki, Japanese obentos, and Udon? Do you think Pan-kun & James are awesome? Can you endlessly watch videos of adorable, talented Japanese children? Are you looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms on Foss Hill in the spring? Are you interested in the Japanese culture and language?


If you thought “yes!” to any of the things above, then Japanese Hall is definitely the place for you to live! We’re a private card-access hall in Nicolson 5 (great location!) with 10 spots (4 two-room doubles and 2 singles). Our private kitchen/lounge area is spacious, and the laundry room is just around the corner (literally, within 30-sec. walk from the hall!).

French Hall:

Interested in the French language and Francophone cultures? Do you enjoy a strong sense of community, an awesome kitchen, spacious singles, and a 4:1 student to washer/dryer ratio? Do furry woodland creatures make your heart sing??? If so, French Hall might just be the perfect place for you.

Community Service House:

Apply to live in Community Service House! 8 singles. 1 double. Great location and house. APPS DUE THIS FRIDAY, FEB 25TH!

Open House:

Hey! Do you want a gorgeous, huge single? Two fridges for seven people? Two whole bathrooms for only seven people? A chance to live across the street from weswings? An opportunity to be a central part of queer life on campus?

If so, APPLY TO OPEN HOUSE! If you want to come tour the house, or if you have any other questions, please email me at erbrown@wes.

Music House:

Do you play music or listen to music? yes?

Apply to live at Music House! It is located in the beautiful 316 Washington Street.

Applications are due on February 25, 11:59pm. Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to escohen(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you have questions about the house or the application process!

Earth House:

Do you care about the Earth? Do you want to be part of adorable/egregious ugly sweater holiday photos too?
Apply to live in Earth House! Come explore the house and meet the Earth House residents on House Hopping Day this Sunday, February 20th, from 12pm to 5pm!

More about us: We’re nice :) We’re a small close-knit community of eleven environmentally-minded students who love to cook, have fun, and hang out together, as well as to organize events and programs pertaining to the environment. Earth House is 159 High Street, centrally located on the corner of High and Lawn and directly opposite WesWings.

Contact chyland@wes for more information or if you have any questions whatsoever!

Womanist House:

Care about Women’s Issues?
Come live in
Womanist House
44 Brainerd Ave (Behind Exley)
8 spots available ¤ A beautiful, spacious kitchen ¤
¤ 2 huge, cozy common rooms ¤
Come check us out on House Hopping Day, 20th February 12 – 5PM
Applications are due February 26th at 11:59PM
Contact maugier@wes with any questions about the house or the application process

German Haus:

Want to live in a house with an operative piano? Or a room with a (fake) fireplace? Apply to live German Haus next year!! Application is due on Feb. 25. Apply now!
Within 100 yards to Exley. Wake up at 9:55 for your 10am class!!
Six singles and one double. Some singles are bigger than Freshman doubles.
Front AND back porches. They’re pretty sweet. Plus the chic café double doors.
Ample kitchen space and a full collection of cooking supplies.

Most importantly, a great place to get involved in German-related activities and practice your German!


Come live in the Women of Color House!!

Established in 1990, the Women of Color House is a safe place and support space for all who are committed to women of color issues on campus. The Women of Color House is the heart of the Women of Color Collective. The house serves as a resource and a meeting place for all who identify as women of color on campus.

Anyone who is interested in sharing, promoting and/or learning about the experiences and concerns of women of color is welcome to apply.

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