Protest still on

So, I’ve received emails from several people and been asked directly if the protest is still happening. This malicious rumor probably started here. Of course, it’s still on. A little rain won’t stop us (it’s not even raining right now). Be there and make your voice heard.

NB: To whoever’s doing this, do you see us coming to your protests and trashing your signs? If you truly think we’re protesting for the wrong reasons/issue, come forward and say it. Don’t hide behind the cowardly veil of anonymity.

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3 thoughts on “Protest still on

  1. BOBBY

    Wesleying shouldn’t be a platform for either side. Post the event, but leave it at that. Let people in the comments say whatever they want, yourself included.

    1. ew

      Wesleying would be really fuckin’ boring without “editorials” on the site. I don’t come here to look for events at all. Also, for the last time, Wesleying is not an official group of people with set guidelines about what to post. It’s random individuals who blog about whatever they want, whenever they want.

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