Facebook Ads ‘R’ Us

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen Facebook ads related to Wesleyan, but the current juxtaposition of the advertisements warrants some notice.

On the screenshot from my own Facebook (excuse my French), I have the administration advertising for its summer session just as they did last year in the middle.  I’ll be honest, whenever I see ads for other schools on Facebook, I usually think “wow, that must not be a real school” but that’s just me.  I would hope that Wesleyan’s a real school…

It’s a little funny to see the WSA advertising its meeting on Sunday at 7 at Beta right above that, though.  The WSA voted overwhelmingly to hold our next meeting at Beta because we were upset with the administration’s handling of the situation.  Beyond just an expression of solidarity with just Beta, however, the WSA is trying to send a message to the administration about how they do things (in case the message is lost in translation: students want a voice).

One thing seems to be clear from both sides though: mass emailings are not enough.  Immense amounts of other publicity goes into the Summer Session and a good deal is going into the WSA Meeting, but it’s not enough without Facebook.  Maybe we should all just read these emails when they come to us?…

[Thanks to Corey Guilmette ’13 for the tip.]

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