Planned Parenthood Rally: Protest Signs

Earlier this evening supporters of Planned Parenthood got together and threw a pretty baller rally to get some momentum going behind what is unquestionably a worthwhile cause. As you can see from the post right below this one, we had bunch of great people on campus to speak on the matter, including CT senator Richard Blumenthal (again, you can sign the petition to show your support here).

Now, this is just a quick post –  a full, in-depth coverage will be published sometime soon by hands more capable than mine. But here’s a small teaser: pictures of Weskids and non-Weskids alike getting their message out there on classic placard.








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3 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Rally: Protest Signs

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  3. Guest

    The signs at the Rally at the Board of Trustees Meeting were much better. They were really funny. It’s kind of sad that you guys didn’t cover that rally at all.

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