A Few Scenes From Musical Madness

These photos are courtesy of Michael Nakhla ’13. I unfortunately missed out on this musical battle between the classes, but feel free to litter the comments section with commentary/highlights/yr BNM picks.

A-Batte edit: From the Class of 2013 blog:

Best in Show: Lonesome & High – Nick Jackson ’11 and Michael Vitale ‘11

Best in Class 2013: Emma D. and Mel H. – Emma Daniels ’13 and Melanie Hsu ‘13

Best in Class 2014: The Fauver 3 – Ben Jacobs ’14, Ben Kafoglis ’14 and Leah Khambata ‘14

Judges’ Choice: Grandfather – Robert Caplan ’14, Henry Hall ’14 and Evan Low ‘14

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2 thoughts on “A Few Scenes From Musical Madness

  1. Deee332wx

    what Batte said, except switch judges’ choice and best in show

    best of 2013: mel hsu and emma daniels

  2. Anonymous

    here’s who I remember winning something — I’ll edit stuff in if I get confirmation:

    best of 2014: a trio featuring the girl in the grayscale photo
    best in show: grandfather (singer in the third picture)
    judges’ choice: the only non 14/13 entry, the pair of seniors in the last picture with the mandolin and violin/fiddle/I’m useless at music

    fun shit: inviting everyone on stage at the end (totally done by rug smell way earlier in the show)

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